I’m At It Again!

Many years ago I ran a blog on this website. The blog fell by the wayside and I left it for dead when college began getting in the way. Here we are almost 10 years later and I’ve started sharing my cruise experiences online once again: this time in the form of Instagram photos and YouTube videos. As many of you cruise-heads know, the only cure for cruise fever is more cruises! Well, since it’s just not feasible for me to live on a cruise ship, I’m keeping myself occupied between cruises by sharing my experiences online with others. With that in mind, I’ve decided to give this blog a second chance, and hopefully it will help someone else fighting cruise fever!

In conjunction with my social media accounts, I plan on posting here maybe once a week or so. If you need your daily cruise fix, be sure to follow me on Instagram because I’m posting there every day! I don’t want to create a set schedule for this blog; it’s more of a when-inspiration-hits-me thing, but I do hope you will check in every once in a while to see if there’s anything new. I also hope you’ll leave comments and send me feedback, because that’s what really keeps me going with blogging! I truly love hearing from other cruise lovers from around the world. 🙂

In addition to this blog and the social media accounts I already mentioned, I plan on dabbling with some live streaming when I go cruise ship spotting and before/after my cruises. (Live streaming is completely new for me, so bear with me while I figure out the best way to go about streaming.) I love the interactive part of sharing my cruise experiences, so I hope you’ll join me when I go live!

That’s all for now. Smooth sailing!



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