One thing I noticed on this cruise was that the food quality had increased from the past few years. (Or maybe it was just because I hadn’t cruised in so long anything would taste good!) Either way, the food was great.

Up at the buffet, there was a lot of variety. Despite all the variety, I had Chinese food almost every day for lunch. The Chinese food on this cruise was the best I’ve had on any cruise. There were always at least two dishes I really liked each day. I like veggies, so the vegetable dishes were very good, especially the asparagus dishes. However, the meat dishes were good too. The ginger chicken was amazing, as were some of the others. If you’re traveling on the Miracle, be sure to stop by the Asian corner for a great meal.

Dinner was great too, as usual. There always happens to be a couple nights where there’s nothing that appeals to me on the menu though. That’s always a bummer. Those nights we ate at the buffet, which was a first for me personally. I had never eaten dinner at the buffet before. It was nice, especially when there was nothing for me on the menu. However, when there was something good on the menu, the dining room food was top notch. I love the chilled fruity soups. The strawberry bisque, mango cream soup, and cherry soup were great, as they are every year. The Caesar salad was great; I had it just about every night. The other appetizers were good as well. I can’t think of anything specific that stuck out, but I remember always finishing my appetizers. The main entrees have improved as well. Maybe it was our quick wait staff, but the food seemed hotter this year than years past. The filet mignon was one of the best I’ve ever had, and all the pasta dishes were delicious.  For dessert, the cakes and pies were very good. The warm chocolate melting cake, which has already become a “Carnival Classic,” is still just as good. I only had it once though.

On deck, the food was good too. The grille made great burgers and fries. I ate chicken tenders several times for lunch, something which I had never had before on a cruise. They were very good. One thing I noticed on deck was that the guava punch was available all day sometimes, which is good because I love it. When it wasn’t available though, lemonade/iced tea was my drink. At night, a cup of coffee or half coffee, half hot chocolate was my drink. The coffee was very good this cruise.

I think that is all there is about the food. I’d say this was the best food I’ve had on Carnival in several years. Definitely looking forward to next year.


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