Usually by this time in the year we’re counting down to our next cruise. Unfortunately, we have yet to book one! As of right now, we seem to have two options:

  1. A cruise with our friends. We haven’t cruised with them in years and my parents want to go on another vacation with them. They want a Canadian cruise (yuck). We were looking at a 10-day Carnival cruise, but that got cancelled. So now it’s a 5-day Holland America cruise. Very expensive too from what I’ve heard. Not to mention airfare as well.┬áThe only way I’d go on that is if one of my friends went. If it’s just all the parents, I’m going to skip. No interest in a 5-day Canadian cruise. I’ve done Canada at least twice, I don’t need to go there again just yet.
  2. A cruise by ourselves again. For this, we’re looking at a Caribbean cruise out of Baltimore. This is what I’m hoping for. The friends don’t want to go to the Caribbean for whatever reason, but my parents are going to mention it anyway. They’re really not to excited about option #1 either mainly because of the price. So hopefully they can convince everyone to go on this (cheaper and more fun) cruise.

That’s where we stand right now. I can’t believe there’s actually a chance I won’t go on a cruise (or any vacation) at all this year! I haven’t gone without a cruise since 2001, and without a vacation since 1996 when I was a little kid. This is nuts.

I’ll keep everyone posted on our cruise plans. Sorry about the lack of updates. With no cruise planned, I have no excitement, hence no inspiration to write.

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